The Top 5 black CATastrophy Posts of 2017

On August 13th 2017, we launched the black CATastrophy special division for independent authors. Since then, we’ve published dozens of book reviews, marketing tips, and writing advice. Some of these posts came from in-house, but many also came from readers like you, and the blogs we read.

And though this blog has only been active for 6 months, some blog posts stood out more than others. Curious to know which ones? Check out the most popular posts we shared in 2017.

5. Book Review: Harry Potter 1 – 7

Harry Potter JK Rowling

I would have been very surprised if this post didn’t made the list, as it’s a book review of an all-time favorite for fantasy lovers around the world. The review was submitted by our Managing Director, Alexis Chateau, who decided to [re]read all the Harry Potter books in one go, as an adult. What an adventure!

4. Book Review: The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

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Published within our first month, this book review was contributed by Marwa Abdeen, an 18-year-old book-lover and reviewer. The book follows the mysterious story of Nella, her unfulfilling marriage, and how her marriage gift takes on a life of its own.

3. black CATastrophy Writing Prompt: The Flood


For the past 6 months, we’ve been publishing writing prompts almost every Sunday morning, and this one seems to be the most popular overall. The prompt states, “I watched the stream turn into a waterfall, and then the water began to rise.”

2. How to Market your Book Blog


Published before we even officially launched black CATastrophy, this blog post was an instant success on the blog. It was contributed by marketing guru, Deborah Griffith Kehoe. In the article, she offfered practical advice on how writers could amp up their marketing efforts for their book blogs.

1. Beneath a Scarlet Sky


A review of one of the most popular books this year, it comes as no surprise to us that this blog post tops the list. In fact, Pascal Pictures secured the movie rights for this book in August, so if you don’t have the time to read the book, stay tuned for the movie!

What was your favorite of the posts we published in 2017? What changes would you like to see in 2018? Would you like to contribute posts to our blog for the coming year?

Tell me all about it in the comments below!


Black Catastrophy

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Shadow the PR Cat is the Goodwill Ambassador at Alexis Chateau PRand head of the firm’s indie author division. His job includes tweeting, taking selfies, rolling in catnip, and advocating for animal rights and social equality. Follow his kitty adventures on Twitter as @ShadowThePRcat.

About Alexis Chateau PR

Alexis Chateau PR is an independent public relations agency with its own built-in travel agency. We have a special interest in independent writers and lifestyle brands. From education to entertainment to travel, we’ve worked with clients in all areas of the lifestyle industry since 2006.

About black CATastrophy

black CATastrophy is a special division at Alexis Chateau PR for independent authors. We provide the same services to indie writers as our corporate clients, but at discounted prices that suit a serious indie budget.

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As a philanthropist, writer, and social media guru, I work closely with the Managing Director at Alexis Chateau PR to support the causes dearest to the firm. These include animal welfare, diversity, and social equality. Bragging Rights: - I'm very good at tweeting and blogging without opposable thumbs. - Proudly employed by an immigrant-owned firm.

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