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Press releases are an old fashioned way of getting the word out about your book, but if you can make that release interesting, the chances of people reading it, and the media picking it up, increases tenfold.

For that reason, Alexis Chateau PR ditches the standard press release format to write releases that rank with our blog posts in popularity on our website. You can find several of our press and news releases in the “News” section of our company blog.

Clients on retainer contracts, and those who work with us regularly, are not charged for publishing press releases on our websites, though we will insist on writing them ourselves. We also write press releases for authors to send to other media outlets.

Rather than distribute the press releases, which the media rarely ever wants to publish, we work our media relations magic to get your quotes published on other platforms, and then link back to the press release for additional information. We believe this is the most effective route for indie writers.

Are you ready to change the way you’ve been writing and publishing your press releases all along? Email us for a quote.

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