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Are you an avid reader who reviews a lot of books on your personal blog, Goodreads, Amazon, and other platforms? Interested in sharing your book reviews on our platforms?

Then follow our submission guidelines below to pitch us your review.

How to Submit Book Reviews

  1. Send an email to
  2. Your subject line should say: PITCH REVIEW SHADOW: [insert working title here].
  3. Tell us a little about yourself and include a bio of 25 words or less to be included with your review, if accepted. Bios should be written in third person.
  4. Tell us briefly about the book you reviewed, the rating you gave, and why you gave that rating. Don’t send your entire review until we’ve given you the okay.
  5. If your review has already been published online, in print, or in any other medium, please let us know.
  6. If your pitch is accepted, then submit your review.
  7. If the review is accepted, we will contact you to let you know when it will be published.

General Criteria for Submitted Stories

  1. The review must be properly edited before submission. If you need professional editing services, then please contact us about this before submitting.
  2. We’re not currently taking any reviews for the erotica genre.
  3. We do not accept pieces that violate our code of ethics.
  4. We do not accept pieces that are unnecessarily offensive to the writer, but we do encourage tactful honesty if you really didn’t like the book.
  5. Reviews must be 300 words or more.
  6. Reviews must make use of headers; such as, plot, themes, character development etc.

What to Expect

  1. Not all submissions will be accepted, but you can expect a response in 7 days or less.
  2. There is currently no charge for submitting your review on our website.
  3. First preference will always go to unique pieces that have not been published online, in print, or in any other medium.
  4. If we reject your offer, feel free to pitch us something else.

Incomplete submissions, and submissions which do not meet these guidelines, will be rejected.

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