What is black CATastrophy?


black CATastrophy is the special division for indie authors at Alexis Chateau PR. Alexis Chateau PR is a public relations firm, based in Atlanta, that works with clients who usually fall outside the radar of bigger agencies.

We’ve been championing the underdogs since 2006.

Why not just work with Alexis Chateau PR?

To work with black CATastrophy is to work with Alexis Chateau PR. black CATastrophy is not a separate company; just a separate division, with resources pooled together to suit the needs and budgets of independent authors.

Clients who work directly with Alexis Chateau PR pay the company’s higher, corporate rates.

Will you publish my book?

No. Unfortunately, we do not publish books, but we can:

  1. connect you with resources to self-publish your book,
  2. or help you build a large enough buzz online to attract the interest of literary agents and publishing houses.

We also edit books, design professional and unique book covers, create branded websites and social media pages for the books and/or the author, and help authors spread the word about their masterpiece.

You can find all our services under the Services tab on our website.

Can I promote my book on your website?


Absolutely! In fact, we have many different advertising options for indie authors. Some of our advertising options are free, while others cost no more than $50.

You do not need to be an on-going client to advertise on our website. However, clients who work with us on a regular basis can access virtually all our advertising options at no additional cost, as long as we have available openings.

To see the many options available, visit our Submit tab and select the option that works for you. Any unauthorized promotional links dropped in the comments section will be deleted.

Do You Only Work with Indie Authors who are Novelists?

No. We specialize in working with novelists, but also love working with independent bloggers and their websites. Additionally, we’re open to working with non-fiction writers, screenwriters, playwrights, and poets.

What should my budget look like to become a signed client of black CATastrophy?


Our team includes three publicists and writers, an editor, a graphic designer, and a financial planner for your budgeting woes.

Rates for authors who wait until after August 13th range from $30 to $80. The smaller and lesser known the author, the less they will pay. Authors who sign retainers with us will receive discounts ranging from 5  to 12 per cent for the duration of their contract.

Authors typically purchase 10 hours per month. Thus, budgets can be as low as $220 per month or as high as $800. Keep in mind that the impact of our PR efforts will depend on the time we spend on your projects, which in turn, will depend on your budget.

Clients who work with us on a regular basis can access virtually all our advertising options at no additional cost.

Is black CATastrophy really managed by a cat?

Looking very important at the desk while @alexischateau_ takes her nap. #manager #cat #blackcat #catsofinstagram #officecat #working

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Yes! His name is Shadow, and he is the resident PR puss at Alexis Chateau PR. He also handles the goodwill strategies at the firm. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram.

Shadow’s work activities are overseen by the Founder & Managing Director of the firm, Alexis Chateau. She is also his primary caretaker.

Do you still have questions for us? Then message Shadow via the contact form below. 


Black Catastrophy