Media Relations


As we mentioned in the Press Release services, media relations is one of the main ways we help to increase exposure for our authors. Every book covers major themes that are applicable to the world we live in – whether it’s nonfiction or high fantasy.

Through media relations, we’re able to build the author’s credibility in this area. This gives authors the perfect opportunity to mention their work, and link back to their websites, Amazon stores, or their press release on our websites.

We’ve used media relations to successfully funnel traffic to our websites, increase credibility, and increase SEO ranking through domain authority and a higher Alexa ranking. We’re prepared to do the same for you.

For authors hoping to get picked up by literary agents and publishing houses down the line, this is the route to help you get there. Besides, who doesn’t  want to brag that they’ve been featured by NBC News, or Business Insider, like our Founder & Managing Director?

Are you ready for your moment in the spotlight? Email us for a quote.

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