Press Release: Michael Fedison Publishes The Singularity Wheel, a Follow-Up to The Eye-Dancers

In 2012, Michael Fedison took a leap of faith and published his science fiction novel, The Eye-Dancers. While not new to the world of writing and publishing, this was Fedison’s first full-length novel, and his first foray into self-publishing. Now, half a decade later, Fedison has finally published its long-awaited sequel, The Singularity-Wheel.

The Eye-Dancers focuses on the tale of four preteen boys who are transported to an alternate universe by a mysterious young girl with swirling blue eyes. The unlikely group must learn to set their differences aside and work together to rescue the blue-eyed damsel-in-distress, and return home.

The new sequel itself takes place five years after the events in The Eye-Dancers, allowing Fedison’s YA fan base to grow into the tougher topics tackled in The Singularity Wheel. The new book tackles tougher topics like teenage angst, the pursuit of happiness, and the unfortunate fact that when friends grow up they sometimes grow apart.

Over the past five years, Fedison has used blogging and social media to connect with his readers, and generate renewed interest in both the old book and this new sequel. In fact, Fedison’s The Eye-Dancers attracts a diverse audience ranging from young boys, to moms, and older men; all of whom can relate to the struggles the four main characters face in their book.

“Fedison has a remarkably creative mind. I cannot remember reading anything quite like The Eye-Dancers. It is very well written and I have no doubt that kids will become mesmerized by this fabulous children’s story,” one of his readers tells him on Amazon.

Another adds, “The Eye-Dancers, and the author Michael S. Fedison, did a fantastic job taking me back to my middle school days. This is why I would recommend this book to middle school students as well as the young at heart. This book is well written and captures the life as pre-teens facing the normalities of life and the supernatural.”

The Singularity Wheel, was originally scheduled for November of 2017, but after a few setbacks, the novel was re-scheduled for release on January 26, 2018, the author’s birthday. What a way to celebrate!

The Singularity Wheel is available on Amazon at $2.99 for the eBook and $14.05 for the paperback.

Book reviewers who would like a complimentary copy for review purposes are encouraged to contact his publicists directly at Alexis Chateau PR.

Update 02.09.2018: This press release was updated to reflect the new paperback pricing of $14.05, as supplied by the author.



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