black CATastrophy Writing Prompt 02

black CATastrophy Writing Prompt 2.jpg

A crippling feeling gripped him in the very pit of his stomach. He knew he would never saw Beckham again.

Writing Prompt Rules

What’s a blog for writers without routine prompts to get those creative juices flowing? If you’d like to be a part of our CATastropic writing, then check out the guidelines below. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  1. Include “black CATastrophy” in the title of your post.
  2. Save and use the picture above as the featured image for your post.
  3. The quote provided should be included at some point in your story.
  4. There is no expiration date on a prompt. Use it whenever you like.
  5. Your story should be 1000 words or less. We’re interested in all genres, except erotica.
  6. Add a link to this writing prompt at the end of your story.
  7. Comment here, with a link to your post, if it meets the guidelines above.
  8. If we really love your story, we’ll publish it in the tales section of our blog with a link to the original piece.

Feel free to use our writing prompts without following the rules outlined above. However, only posts that meet the criteria will remain as links on this post, and will be considered for republishing on our blog.

Happy writing!

Got a writing prompt suggestion you’d like to make? Send us an email with your idea.

About the Prompter

Did someone say #TREATS ?? 😄 #cat #kitten #catsofinstagram #blackcat #blackcats

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Shadow the PR Cat is the Goodwill Ambassador at Alexis Chateau PR, and head of the firm’s indie author division. His job includes tweeting, taking selfies, rolling in catnip, and advocating for animal rights and social equality. Follow his kitty adventures on Twitter as @ShadowThePRcat.

About Alexis Chateau PR

Alexis Chateau PR is an independent public relations agency with a special interest in lifestyle brands. From education to entertainment to travel, we’ve worked with clients in all areas of the lifestyle industry since 2006.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. What’s he doing? Is Beckham a lump of wood or a person? If this is actually a grammar mistake I’m sorry, I’m off!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Julie. Thanks for asking! There is no grammatical mistake. I just double-checked to be sure.

      The prompt is deliberately a little vague, so writers can interpret it however they like, and create something unique. The only requirement is that they use the sentence and the picture.


      1. (Sorry, I still don’t get it. Is the cat watching someone saw David Beckham in half or is that the wrong picture? Maybe I’m just not imaginative enough)
        I’ll try.
        “The statue had been in the water for so long that the features were lost. They needed wood. If they cut it into pieces perhaps it would dry quicker and they could set it alight.
        There was nothing else left. The world was destroyed. All they had was water and a cave and, mercifully, the means to make fire.”


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