Travel Booking

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Managing Director of Alexis Chateau PR, photographing the California landscape for her travel blog.

Alex is a great reminder that novels aren’t the only creative pieces indie authors work on. The owner of 4 websites, traveling is the main source of content for her travel blogs. And as with most fiction and non-fiction novelists, travel also helped shape her view of the world, and how she illustrates that on paper.

Are you an author going through a creative slump, and looking for some inspiration? Maybe you’re also a travel blogger, and you’re looking for affordable ways to visit new destinations? Or is there a book signing, convention, or media appearance you need to travel for? Then book with us!

We cover:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Cruises
  • Car Rentals
  • Entertainment
  • Itinerary Planning

If you’re wondering why a public relations firm would need its own travel agency, the answer is simple. We have team mates spread out in 4 cities, in 2 countries; and the brands we’ve worked with have spanned 5 continents. In short, it was a necessary service for our own business — and now we’re opening up the service to you.

Interested in getting a quote for your next trip? Fill out the contact form below. Ask us about our #NOVEMBER31 campaign!

black CATastrophy is owned by Alexis Chateau PR. Alexis Chateau PR partners with our team mates at 1 View Point to book all trips for our travelers.