We’ve heard a lot of horror-stories from independent authors about the self-publishing process. One of the scariest and most common we’ve heard is the author who completes their book, publishes it online and in print, and then realizes that the book has typos!

Once it’s out there, there’s no taking it back. eBooks can be updated, but if one social-media-savvy reader has found a naughty typo that could entertain his followers for days, that screenshot would not be updated with your new version on Amazon. And there goes your reputation as a serious author.

Every writer – including us! – suffer from “writers’ bias”. This is the name we give to the condition where a writer tends to read what they meant to say, and not always what’s there. So how do you ensure this embarrassing scenario never happens to you? You carefully proofread your book; and then you hire someone else to do it for you, again.

At black CATastrophy, our Grammar-Nazis complete four rounds of editing to ensure we catch every last slip. These edits are split between two team mates to ensure “editors’ bias” doesn’t slip in, either!

So if you want to ensure you publish an error-free book or blog — Email us for a quote!

Black Catastrophy